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Videoplugger: video news and much more…

Videoplugger is a video-news agency with a global approach, specializing in aggregation, syndication, research and digital delivery of video content.

Founded in 2004 by Emanuele Galloni and Ebba Eriksson, Videoplugger has quickly become the leading independent agency in the industry.

Videoplugger’s mission is gathering the best newsworthy and essential multimedia content to the public thanks to high industry expertise and in-house cutting-edge technology.

Videoplugger’s innovative online platform hosts and delivers the most newsworthy and essential archive video content to media professionals every day, everywhere in the world : from red carpet footage to paparazzi clips, from royals to public figures, fashion and sport related content, interviews, bloopers, etc. They are all in one place, one stop shop for all your editorial and content needs. Broadcast quality clips and multimedia assets are available now,  no matter where our clients are, with just a click.

Our partners content providers range from the independent videographer, to the organized photo agency, from the local TV station to the international TV broadcasters, up to the man in the street with a mobile phone.

Videoplugger also offers:

• video content research

• rights clearance

• unauthorized usage monitoring

• copyright negotiations

and other industry related services.

In half a decade Videoplugger’s experienced team of media consultants established itself as the market leader in terms of reliability, customer service, technology and efficiency.

To find out how our content and services can work for you, send Videoplugger an email at or call us on +44 (0) 20 8659 2766.