Caravan of Death (Ecos del desierto)

Director: Andrés Wood, Producers: Alejandra Garcia and Patricio Pereira, Script: Guillermo Calderón, Production: Wood Productions, CHV, TNT, Chile, 4×50′, 2013, Rights: World excl. Chile

Chilean drama by Andrés Wood, based on the life of Carmen Hertz, a human rights lawyer who spent almost 40 years, fighting the justice system of Chile to get justice for the killing of her husband Carlos Berger a dissident journalist who was jailed on the 11th of September during the 1973 Chilean coup d’éta, as he kept broadcasting his radio show against the authorities wishes.

Carmen devotes her life to find the truth behind the illegal execution of her husband in 1973 shortly after the military coup in Chile led by Augusto Pinochet. These executions were known as the Caravan of Death, who was sent to kill the opposition to the military regime. The series is set in three different stages of her life, in the ’70s with María Gracia Omega as Carmen and Francisco Celhay as Carlos they are a young happily married couple with a little son Germán, before Carlos is killed. Then three decades Aline Kuppenheim plays her,  following her fight for justice, withstanding the constant threats she and her son received from the military police during the dictatorship. She faces secrecy, the complicity of the Chilean state and especially of the Chilean courts of law. She will partially conquer her goal when she becomes part of a group of lawyers who finally got Pinochet indicted for human rights violations.

The theme song Canción del Desvelado is by the Chilean singer songwriter Manuel García.


Altazor Awards 2014: Winner Outstanding Directing for a Drama Series