Casa Do Cais (House of Cais)

Directed by: Ana Correia, Producer: Helena Amaral, Executive production: RTP/Tribotoca, 10×15′, 2018,  Rights: World (Excluding Portugal)

#CasaDoCais, House of Cais, is a controversial and humorous series about five very special friends, the first series from Portugal to openly address LGBTQ issues.
We follow the five friends Alex (André Mariño), Ema (Ana Correia), Jay (Francisco Soares), Lara (Soraia Carrega) and Beatriz (Helena Amaral) in their Lisbon flat share.
Ema, a small town girl is moving out from her parents, into a shared apartment with her eccentric friends in a cool part of the city, looking for her dreams and a job. Their days, and nights, are marked by fun, drinking, drugs, sex, and binge-watching Game of Thrones until 4 am.
The series is about being young and queer in the new millennium.
In a statement, Élia Rodrigues web project manager at RTP, explains that House of Cais is “a series for the digital generation, with bite-sized episodes between 10 to 15 minutes to easily be watched on a mobile phone or tablet, that address controversial topics like LGBT with humor”.
Inspired by the real-life experience of the actors, who used to live in a shared house in Cais do Sodré the understatedly cool and trendy district of Lisbon. The series aims to dismantle a few cliches exploited in Portuguese fiction directed to young people, says Francisco Soares who plays Jay.