Freelancers Anonymous

Director: Sonia Sebastián, Producers: Lisa Cordileone, Amy Dellagiarino, Sonia Sebastian Eugene Sun Park, Production companies: Full Spectrum Features in association with Black Apple Media, Executive Producers: Karen Dixon, Nan Schaffer, Celia Kahn, Writers: Amy Dellagiarino & Lisa Cordileone, Copyright holder: Freelancers Anonymous LLC®, World Sales: Iuvit Media Sales and TVCO, USA/, 81′, 2018, Rights: Selected territories

From the award-winning Spanish director Sonia Sebastián (De Chica en Chica / Girl Gets Girl) Freelancers Anonymous celebrates LGBT women in the STEM industry. Billie #hatesherjob and is desperate for a change, but when she quits months before getting married she is faced with breaking the news to her fiancee!

Freelancers Anonymous is a quick-paced comedy feature about a group of women who come together to launch a tech start-up company. The story follows Billie who, on impulse, quits her soul-sucking office job and is left to figure out “now what?” She meets a ragtag group of women who are also looking for employment and is struck with the idea of cultivating their skills to create an app for freelancers.

Creators statement:

The gap in the market for the LGBTQ community and women in STEM industries pales in comparison to our male counterparts. Gender parity has become a hot button issue over the past several years in Hollywood and we are passionate about creating content that fills this gap! Our team’s unique vision is to integrate a narrative across several platforms and create a transmedia company that can engage audiences in new and exciting way. We are eager to create strong and positive representation for the LGBTQ community, as well as women in comedy, women in STEM industries, and female-driven stories.


” A romantic screwball comedy”

David Lewis, San Francisco Chronicle

“Freelancers Anonymous is a refreshing change to the typical narrative. It’s not completely centred around women in tech, but dare I say, it normalizes it?”

“a laugh out loud comedy”

Zetti Stai, Medium



  • Megan Cavanagh
  • Alexandra Billings
  • Haviland Stillwell
  • Mouzam Makkar
  • Amy Shiels
  • Natasha Negovanlis
  • Grace Rex
  • Jennifer Bartels
  • Lisa Cordileone
  • Jamison Scal


Courtesy of worldwide distributors Iuvit Media Sales and TVCO

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