Friendly: Latin American LGBTQ content

Director: Various, Executive Producer: Glowstar Media, Production/Copyright: Glowstar Media, Argentina, Language: Latam Spanish, 15×10′, 2020, Rights: World 

Latin-American LGBTQ factual documentary and entertainment series, more than six hours of locally produced programming,  factual programmes for the rainbow community with an open mind.

Friendly is for a sophisticated, open-minded audience that wants to find entertainment with innovative programs both in format and duration.




When talent is not repressed, art takes unexpected forms. It’s all about giving it a direction, cutting edge art, alternative cinema circuits, exhibitions and much more.



Characters that give the night an irresistible charm in each episode a character from the night scene is being followed: DJ, artists, musicians, PR, etc.



Cooks are stars in this show, recipes and tips from the coolest chefs ready to be applied in your own cooking.


Director: Juani Libonatti,
Production: Digital 1, 2×10′ 

Everything about fashion, latest trends and styles, because to find what you want, it’s not so simple just to go shopping you need a guide to the latest national and international tendencies in the fashion world.



They can be similar but never the same. Real love stories during one night or a lifetime. You never know when you can have butterflies your stomach in each episode a couple gives a personal account on how they met.

FRIENDLY REWARDS -(in development)

Director: xx, Production: xx, 1×10′ 

You already know everything about traditional tourist destinations, now we’ll show you those special places you are looking for. different options of traditional and alternative tourism for the LGBTQ community.