Director: Eiji Kitahara & Nanako Hirose, Created by: Eiji Kitahara, Mitsunobu Kawamura, Hirokazu Kore-Eda , Writer: Mami Sunada (after a novel by Areno Inoue), Executive Producer: Bunbuku, Copyright holder: Kansai TV, Japan, 2019,   6×30′, Rights: Upon request.

A Kansai TV series, the first Japanese series to be selected for the official competition of the  Cannes‘s drama festival Cannes Series. Created by Canne D’or winner Hirokazu Kore-Eda ( The Truth, Shoplifters) Eiji Kitahara and Mitsunobu Kawamura. Featuring Jun Shison as Junichi and American Japanese actress  Mina Fujii.

Everyone has the right to lose control at one point in their life. Junichi Ito, 26, is a wandering young man without a job or a home who seems to have a great power of fascination over lonely women. He crosses the paths of 6 different women who are unsatisfied with their lives and seem to find comfort in his presence. For one night only, for Junichi inevitably takes the road again, elusively, but not before inspiring in these women an imperceptible change.