Directed by: Jorge Saavedra, Toño López, Marta Piñeiro, Producers: Carlos Carballo, Carlos Portela, Alfonso Blanco, Alberto
Guntín, Production Company: Voz Audiovisual, Spain, 5 Seasons, 87 x 50’, 2007-2013,  Rights: Upon request

Matalobos a TVG crime series the first to deal with the brutal the reality of drug trafficking in Galicia. Matalobos is a criminal family clan in Sardiñeira, a coastal town of Galicia a quiet beautiful place. However, behind the tranquil facade, there is a drug war going on. The charismatic boss Carmelo Matalobos (Luis Iglesias) manages the clan with an iron hand, trying to fight off attempts to take
over power over the money laundering and drug trafficking ventures. In the town, there are five families involved in drug trafficking on a large scale: powerful clans. However, they are in trouble as society
is fighting back a female judge and a lawyer is hellbent on stopping them.


Best Series Mestre Mateo 2012-2013