Save Me (Goohaejwoe 구해줘)

Director: Kim Sung-Su, Producer: CJ ENM and Studio Dragon, South Korea, 16 x 60’, 2017 Rights: North America, Latin America, Europe

Broadcast on OCN, Save Me is a thriller based on Korean webcomic Out of the World (세상 밖으로) by Jo Geum San. Set in a sombre rural town which looks peaceful but in fact, is in the hands of a sect called Goosunwon lead by a charismatic Spiritual Leader known as the Spiritual Father. His dignified fatherly figure hides a paedophile and a psychopath. The sect is protected by connection with the town’s politicians and corrupt police who colluded with the cult to build a hospital for laundering of illegal funds.

Sang Mi (Seo Ye Ji) and her family just moved to the town from Seul having lost all their possession to a gambling fraudster they are easy victims of the sect and the Spiritual Father who has become obsessed with the beautiful 17-year-old Sang-Mi.

Sang Mi’s parents find comfort and warmth in the religious cult. When she finds out who they really are it’s too late. Her brother has committed suicide, she can only rely on her dad but he is trying to give her to the cult leader… she can only cry Save me.

The Spiritual Father wants to “save” her by turning her into Spiritual Mother, he wants to use her as a scapegoat and only sacrificing her will allow all of them to receive salvation.

“Somber and cinematic, Save Me’ feels like the small screen’s interpretation of Korean noir cinema”

Festi Noverini

The heroes are a gang of four young unemployed friends Sang-Hwan the police governors son and Dong-Cheol his best friend and two others. They know Sang Mi from high school, where Dong-Cheol becomes a witness to bullies attacking Sang Mi’s brother Sang Ji and is wrongfully charged with 3 years jail for causing his death, Sang Ji was driven to suicide by the bullies, when Dong-Cheol comes out he is estranged from his friends, but when San-Hwan asks for his help in saving Sang Mi he does not hesitate.

As the gang tries to save her they encounter a series of unexpected events. Save me is an authentic thriller on religious cults and coming of age in a traditional society.

Save me is in the International TV Series Competition official selection at the Geneva International Festival.