The Whores (Litsid)

Directed by: Mart Sander, Produced by: Tuuli Rosma, Production Company: Reede, Estonia, 10X43’, 2018, Rights: North and South America

An award-winning drama based on a bestselling book, this historical crime drama is set against the backdrop of the world-shattering months of 1939. Savvy Madame Kukk has to look after her business, as well as all the girls in her small elite brothel. Among the wealthy and powerful clientele are the local bigwigs, Baltic Germans and the high-ranking officers of the invading Red Army, all having a different agenda and liaisons, inside and outside of the brothel. A story of love, power and betrayal in a world that is about to change forever.

“The small states are the whores of capitalism.”

Joseph Stalin

It’s the year 1939. Europe has been secretly divided by Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia. People in the Baltic and Scandinavian countries are still enjoying a fickle peace, not aware that they have been handed over to Russia, who is preparing to engulf them. While Finland decides to fight the vast Soviet Red Army, the small Baltic countries yield to Russia’s ever-growing demands, thus gradually digging their own graves. The Whores takes a look at these events from the perspective of a small elite brothel in Tallinn. Historical events are mirrored in the closed microcosm of young women, who all of a sudden find themselves at the heart of political intrigue, espionage, and treachery.



Best TV Series at  EFTA 2019 (Estonian Film and Television Awards)