Archive Research



We’ve found it all, but we’re still hungry for more.

We use creativity and tenacity to find, licence and secure the footage you need. Our steadfast team is never deterred and we seldom take no for an answer.

Our clients include advertising agencies, production companies and creative agencies and our services cover:

  • Sourcing footage
  • Rights clearance
  • Negotiation of preferential rates

Need a famous scene from an iconic film or hard to find material? Using our vast experience of footage research, licensing and rights clearance on cinematic releases, documentary, television, advertising, online, charity projects and more, we systematically hunt down the specific footage that will leave a deep and lasting impact on your audience.

We take pride in the vast network of contacts we have, which also enables us to negotiate the best rates and we are unwavering in our quest to find the right footage.

We are UK based, but our multi-cultural team is proudly international, skilled in cross-culture sensitivity and business lingo. We have a far-reaching international network of contacts and sources, as far reaching as Italy, Japan, Russia and the Philippines.