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UGC footage featured in Amy the Academy Award wining documentary by Asif Kapadia

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Have you captured the latest celebrity scandal on your mobile phone? You don’t have to be a professional video paparazzi to make money from online video content.

Amateur video paparazzi can sell and syndicate celebrity video footage or bloopers by celebrities or sports stars with Videoplugger. We make it easy to sell the scoop to online magazines and newspapers, TV stations and websites all over the world. It’s quick and simple to sign up to and start making money from your video footage and celebrity video content.

Videoplugger are interested in all sorts of celebrity video footage, from fashion to funny stories, paparazzi videos, and bloopers from red carpet events to training session footage of sports stars.

So whatever you’ve captured, register for free with Videoplugger and email us your celebrity video content now!

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To find out more about Videoplugger’s Happy Snapper service send an email to or call us on +44 (0) 20 8659 2766.