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Web Portals our extensive online video distribution platform makes it easy for web portals to source the best video content for their online needs.

Funny, celebrity video clips needed for your web portal? Is engaging content to increase the stickiness of your site your main objective? Problem solved: just register with and start finding your desired video content today.

We offer a global video intermediation service to web portals around the world that need refreshing and different video content for their websites:

News: sports, celebrity, local, global
Archive library: news, sports, celebrity, local and global
Features: TV series; home video, Italian Rai Catalog (we are currently the partner of RAI trade representing them in the English speaking market.)
Others : bloopers, funny stories, sexy, weird or plain silly.

It’s so easy! Just register with Videoplugger and receive our daily emails updating you on the latest relevant video news content, you can preview the content straight away and request and/or download in a few clicks.

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