​The Girls From Ukraine (Dziewczyny ze Lwowa)

Director: Wojciech Adamczyk Writer: Robert Brutter, Production: TVP, Country: Poland, Language: Polish, 4 Seasons 52×45’, 2015, Rights: US, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia, Scandinavia, Turkey and MENA. 

A TVP Original comedy-drama about four Ukrainian friends, who move to Warsaw to start a new life in Poland.

The series follows the life stories of Uliana, Polina, Olyia and Swietłana, four friends from Ukraine who come to Warsaw in an attempt to find jobs and better lives for themselves. Each girl starts her career in Poland by working below their qualification or experience, however, soon their lives are about to change dramatically. Intriguing and complex life stories are set in a world where millions of people move to different countries in order to find jobs, escape some problems or simply enrich their lives. All these make this series a universal journey into the heart of any big city where dreams and hopes are just around the corner and every day may bring a breakthrough.



Anna Maria Buczek

Magdalena Wróbel

Anna Gorajska

Katarzyna Ucherska