​Superheroes Wear Hoodies

Director: Jason Osborne, Producer: Together TV, UK, Language: English, 2021, 10′, Rights: World excl. UK

A group of Black youths, led by Joyclen Buffong, came together to run a neighbourhood shop and food distribution programme inside the Kingsmeads estate one of East London’s most notorious estates to feed their local community during the pandemic.


Creators Bio

Jason Osborne is Co-founder @projectmustent Superheroes Wear Hoodies on Sky and ITV. His documentary set in a London barber shop “Love Languages” is currently streaming on Netflix.






The 2021 Diverse Film Fund filmmakers have produced their own short doc on Black British Lives Today. Together TV’s Diverse Film Fund is a newly created fund to support new creative talent to tell the stories like ​Superheroes Wear Hoodies that need to be told about Britain today. These five amazing filmmakers tell inspiring stories