12 Hours

Directors:  Ayoub Lehnoud- Doha Moustaqim-Mohamed Laasri- Ahmed Massoudi, Producer: Hinda Sikkal- Rezqi Mohammed, Production company: Image Factory, World Sales: Prime-Target, Country: Morocco, Language: Arabic, 8 x 42′, 2023-2024, Territories: Australia, NZ, North America, Canada, Germany, Austria and Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands, France, UK, Ireland, Scandinavia and Brazil.

12 Hours is a dramatic anthology series, each episode is self contained. In each episode we tell a different story with its events and characters. The link that unites the episodes is the 12 hour clock.

In a series of interconnected stories, characters from diverse backgrounds face extraordinary challenges, Through these tales of action, mystery, and ethical dilemmas, each character navigates their own path of transformation, facing pivotal choices that define their futures:

1. The Hero
Adel, an online persona known as “The Hero,” is thrust into real-life heroism when the villain “The Brother” threatens to reveal his dark past. Struggling to adapt without real superpowers, Adel must protect his reputation and loved ones in an adventure blending action, humor, and emotion.

2. Black and White
A young, impoverished writer suffers a head injury, resulting in him seeing the world in black and white, except for small, colorful details. This new perception leads him on a quest to uncover the deeper meaning behind his altered vision.

3. The Influencer
Ibrahim, a popular social media influencer, is kidnapped by a fan, Manal, who can’t accept his retirement. She broadcasts his torture live, but it’s revealed they are co-conspirators, staging the event to garner more views and  fame.

4. The Hunt
Saeed, Yassin, Hayat, and Ahmed, addicted friends, attempt to steal motorcycles for their supplier, Al-Absi, in exchange for drugs. They are trapped in a warehouse and hunted by snipers led by Ali. As they fight to survive, they realize the snipers have betrayed Al-Absi, turning him into prey as well.

5. The Beetle
Yassin and Nora, two drug-addicted youths, find their routine disrupted when Yassin is kidnapped and injected with a substance granting him the ability to see in slow motion, but it also causes a deadly illness. Together, they search for answers, confronting the gang responsible, only to disappear before the gang can eliminate them.

6. The Condemned
In a maximum-security prison, Lahcen, a death row inmate, learns his execution date has been moved up. His wife, Nayla, suspects corruption and seeks the truth. Meanwhile, guard Jaafar offers Lahcen a sinister deal: kill a fellow inmate for a chance to escape. Lahcen must choose between freedom and his moral compass.



Sami Fekkak
Oumaima Barid
Aissameddine Mouhrim
Kamal Himoud
Bouthaina Yaagoubi
Walid Sam