13 Shades of Romanian

Director: Anda and Dragos Teglas, Producer: Dragos Teglas, Anda Teglas, Ana Turcanu, Cristian Spiridon, Produced by: This Is Insomnia Limited, 3×42′, 2016,  Rights: World

Chronicling the lives of 13 Romanians living in Britain, this compelling 3 episode, portrait style documentary, gives voice to universal themes and stories while anchoring different immigration stories into the ever-changing social British landscape. Multi-award winning ’13 Shades of Romanian’ talks about the passion, determination, struggle and social inclusion of some of the Romanians who’ve chosen to change their lives and make the UK their new home. The narrative, constructed through their eyes and brought to you by a handful of Romanian filmmakers living in London, as well as Richard Green, British Travel Journalist (who worked on the travel desk of Sunday Times for over 15 years) reveals the way Romanians live, work and integrate within the British culture. The film has been broadcast in Romania and Hungary and picked up six international film festival awards, as well as been nominated at nine others. Its mission, beyond all, is to transcend cultural differences, break down stereotypes and resonate with people’s dreams, hopes and challenges, wherever they may come from.


Best Documentary – Accolade Global Film Competition HOLLYWOOD
Best Feature Film – TMFF – The Monthly Film Festival UK
Best Human Rights Film – TMC London Film Festival UK
Best Documentary – Unrestricted View Film Festival UK
Best Documentary – Two Cliffs Film Festival UK
Best Documentary – The Impact DOCS Awards 2018

Shortlisted for Best Documentary:

Sydney World Film Festival
”Euro Fest” European International Film Festival [St Petersburg]
OIFF TURIN CINEFEST 2017 (Winter Edition)
Unrestricted View Film Festival [UK]
Roma Cinema DOC [ITALY]
Los Angeles CineFest [USA]
Human District Festival [Belgrade]
Two Cliffs Film Festival [UK]
Semi-Finalist – SABC Ekurhuleni International Film Festival [South Africa]