60 Second History

Director: Gareth Molan, Production: Mister Shark, UK, Language: English, 2022, 4×1′ (more in production) Rights: World  
60 Second History is a series of engaging, bite-sized history documentaries. Each episode condenses a singular
historical story or event into exactly sixty seconds. The subjects can range from major world events to small personal stories, popular everyday inventions, cultural customs and notable figures throughout history.


There is the potential to produce branded episodes dedicated to the history and stories behind notable
iconic brands. Examples of branded episodes include ‘Nike: The history of the iconic running shoe’, McDonald’s: The Story of the Big Mac’ and ‘The Coca Cola story’ etc.

About the creator

Mister Shark is an award-winning production company based in London. Our focus is on the production of groundbreaking ideas. We specialise in creating original, engaging animation and live-action content for broadcast TV, film, major brands, corporate clients, commercials and social media. We have produced original programming for broadcast and currently have several
film and television projects in development.