Let’s Eat! All About #BBQ (A morfar! Tode sobre #BBQ)

Director/Producer: Martín Velasco Bertolotto, Production: MVB Producciones, Language: Spanish, Spain, 10 x 18′, 2021, Rights: US, Europe, LATAM, UK, non-exc. Spain

Let’s Eat! All About #BBQ The first gastronomic series dedicated exclusively to the grilled cuisine from Spain with roots in Argentina. “ A Morfar” comes from the colloquial Lunfardo’s dictionary (Tango’s slang) meaning sit at the table to eat with appetite and devotion.  The barbecue is ready, let’s eat!

The presenter of the show is Javier Brichetto a famous Argentine Chef, also a successful businessman the founder and manager of Piantao, gastronomic adviser,  identifies himself with the fusion concept. He uses the kitchen to unify culture and gastronomy. Through his courses, he transmits stories, moments, memories that become alive in our palate. Brichetto’s concept is imagination, travelling and earth. He worked on the most important restaurants of Spain like El Bulli, El Racó de Can Fabes, El Celler de Can Roca – and he knew how to take the best knowledge from each one. The gastronomic challenges make this chef grow and they have become an important part of his day to day job (did you know he has invented the meat ice cream?). He participated in TV contest awards like Cocineros al Volante.

Nothing escapes from Javier’s grill: Pizza, paella, aubergines, bacon, fish, sweet potatoes, ketchup, sweetbreads, lettuce…Everything passes on the grill to get an amazing smoked taste. Through Javier’s recipes, you are able to travel around the world. Through Argentina, Asia, Spain, Central America, to the United States…You only need to have a store around and of course, a grill. If you meet these requirements….Welcome to Let’s Eat! (A Morfar!) But, watch out, you might need to be careful, you could suffer small accidents … In our case, no one was injured but … we were close. No matter how expert you are, the barbecue has its dangers and not even Javie is immune to them.
In short, if you want to learn everything about grilled barbecue: this is your TV show. Throughout 10 episodes you will see different techniques to master the grill in an entertaining and exciting manner. Let’s Eat! is a dynamic show, with a quality image and all the information you need to get the best food taste result for you and for your whole family. Careful! It is recommended to watch this show with a satisfied full stomach because if not, you will want to wolf down everything .