A Story of Crime (Una Historia de Crímenes)

Director: Fran X RodríguezJorge Cassinello , Production Company: Ficcion Producciones, Country: Spain, Language: Spanish, 2023, 2 Seasons, 12×40’ , Rights: World

The crimes of a country are a reflection of its society, the character of its citizens and the social problems on which they must work. The journalists Manu Marlasca, Patricia Abet and the coroner Miguel Lorente analyze the crimes committed in the recent history of Spain and their repercussions.

A Story of Crime is a criminal anthology about some of the most interesting crimes in our country.  In different categories: serial killers, parents who kill their children, parricide,  domestic violence, internet fraud, theft, gang violence etc. In each episode we will be able to discover the keys to the most relevant to each of these offences.

Through the testimony of researchers and journalists, psychiatrists and forensic doctors criminals behaviors and modus operandi is analyzed and links between cases show.

Episodes are complemented by experiences from relatives and close friends of the victims and the aggressors. Archive footage and interviews shape these stories shedding light on the most horrific criminals.

After twenty cases, more than forty interviews throughout the Spain, the second season of A Story of Crime is focused on those types of crime that were not treated in the first maintaining the same spirit of criminal anthology that serves to clarify what happened in each of the cases and with a clear component
preventive and social, this new batch of six episodes will take us again by different autonomous communities to focus on revenge, crimes of children against parents, organized crime and one of the types of most feared killers: serial killers. A research work in which the facts will be presented through from the testimony of researchers and journalists. Psychiatrists and doctors Forensic experts will analyze their behavior and modus operandi, trying to find common points between each case. Episodes that will be complemented with the experiences of relatives or close friends of the victims and the aggressors. Archive images and interviews will shape these
stories that will shed light on criminals and their crimes.