A Viable Candidate

Director/Creator: Orson Nava, Writer: Steve Toussaint, Producer: Stella Nwimo, Production Company: Black Napoleon, UK, 2×15′ (proposed 6×15′), 2020, Rights: World 

A Viable Candidate – Power has a price. The radical and charismatic politician Sylvan Bradshaw played by Steve Toussaint (Line of Duty, Prince of Persia, Judge Dredd) is on route to becoming Britain’s first black prime minister. However, when he and his wife Mia played by Sara Carver (Doctors, Holby City, Strike Back) are about to celebrate his victory and change the future of Britain, Sylvan’s not so politically correct past as a street activist catches up with him and could jeopardise both their marriage and dreams. They are called into a meeting with an anonymous suit from the intelligence services played by Welsh actor Robert Gwilym, long-buried secrets emerge that threaten to destroy their marriage and derail his political career.

A Viable Candidate is in production open for offers of co-production and commissioning, it is a short-form, conspiracy thriller, with a planned duration of total 90′.
The series is a hard-hitting thriller and very relevant in the light of how the media has treated Duchess Meghan, as the series touches on elements of institutional racism that exist in the UK today​ and questions who really governs us and given the rise of Dominic Cummings backroom interventionism​ in recent times.
A Viable Candidate is created and directed by Orson Nava who has worked with BBC, ITV and C4. The writer is Steve Toussaint who also plays the lead character, and the female lead is played by Sara Carver (Doctors, Holby City, Strike Back) the series is produced by Stella Nwimo (Rearview, Everywhere & Nowhere).

“Dark. Brutal. Intense. A viable candidate is a short film from director Orson Nava, providing, in 15 minutes, a more compelling no-holds-barred insight into the racism at the heart of British society and the nature of power than many less talented filmmakers might achieve in a six-episode drama.”

Jane Fae Eye For Film 

Directed by Orson Nava. Produced by Stella Nwimo. Starring and written by Steve Toussaint, from an original idea by Orson Nava.


Official selection S.O.U.L Fest, 2019