Atlant Cooking Shows

Production: ATLANT Media Group, Country: Ukraine, Languages: English, Spanish, French, Polish & Slovenian, 1,284×3-13′, 4K, 2016-2022, Rights: World

127 h over 14 series on a variety of cooking topics, available in five different languages.

Vegetarian Delights

2022 4K 100×5′ Language: English, Spanish, French
Keep calm and become vegetarian! It’s long been proved that a plantbased diet could prevent and even cure a lot of diseases. We believe that it’s not only mainstream, but it’s also a lifestyle which could turn around the attitude to food and human body. Our carefully selected recipes will be a guide to the new healthy and peaceful life.

Little Gourmet

2022 4K 100×5′ Language: English, Spanish, French
Using imagination in food preparations the best way to surprise children. They will be amazed by how regular dishes could be not only nutritious but fun too! Especially when you have a guide named ”Little Gourmet”.


2022 4K 100×5′ Language English, Spanish, French, Polish/Textless
La Pasta! You don’t need always to go to Italy to hear that call. Just go to the supermarket, buy the ingredients and we will provide you with the detailed recipe in order to feel the taste of Italy without going beyond your kitchen.

Delicious Morning

2022 4K 100×5′ Language English, Spanish, French, Polish/Textless
Bored with oatmeal and omelette for breakfast? We will give you much more ideas on how to make your morning fun and tasty spending not much time in the kitchen. The program ”Delicious Morning” will bring you even more energy and good mood for the coming day!


2022 4K 100×5′, Language: English, Spanish, French
Asian cuisine is so diverse, each person will find a dish which will become a favorite one. In ”ASIATIQUE” we bring together the most famous and authentic recipes from Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, and other Asian countries. Enjoy the preparation process with exotic ingredients and delicious flavors.


2019 100×5′ Language: English, Spanish, French
Saladeria– we make it almost every day and for all different reasons. It’s healthy and refreshing! Without salads, you’ve got neither a daily nor a festive table. There are the salads that everyone knows – such as “Caesar” “Greek” and “Caprese” – but there are also quite unusual combinations that you could pleasantly surprise your guests with. 100 recipes, wonderful tastes and views – you’ll see all of this in Saladeria!

Smoothie Mania

4K 2019 100×3′ Language: English, Spanish, French
Smoothie Mania is a short program about great beverages made from pureed raw fruit, dairy products, and vegetables. Smoothies are a staple among health junkies! They’re ridiculously easy to make and filled with lots of vitamins. Today it is a regular menu item at fast-food joints across the world. In our program, you will see 100 recipes of this great nutrition and they are so simple so you can prepare it at home!

Food UP!

2018 4K 100×3′ Language: English
Thinking about something light and healthy to eat without spending a lot of time for cooking? Simple, but very tasty and incredibly beneficial recipes that you can bring to life for 5-10 minutes, will be demonstrated by our chef in a program FoodUp! Our dishes are exclusively dietary and natural.

Food Land – Veggie feasts

2015 100×5′ Language: English, Spanish
A well-planned vegetarian diet is healthy and nutritious for people of all ages, genders and daily activities. Simple and healthy recipes from the FoodLand will help you with this. A minimum of effort and time, and your vegetarian dinner is served.


2019 4K 80×3′ Language: English
Like Daniel Meyer says: “At the base level, a burger is a piece of meat and a bun with something on it. It’s simple but it seems to make a lot of people happy.” Why shouldn’t you bring happiness by cooking burgers at home? Let’s make it in the tastiest and easiest way, using our amazing list of burger’s recipes for every taste!

Christmas Delights

2018 4K 100×13′ Language: English
Discover dishes that are prepared for the New Year and Christmas in different parts of the world. Repeat the original recipe for New Year’s and Christmas dishes and plunge into the history and traditions of different countries.

Let’s make it tasty

2016 4K 52×13′ Language HD English, Slovenian
How about discovering the art of cooking with a new international cuisine project Let’s make it tasty? In each episode the chief will show how to cook the most popular dishes from all over the world in easy and interesting way, in addition the narrator will explain each step of the process of preparing the meal.

Sweet Magic

2019 4K 52×5′ Language: English, Spanish
Sweet Magic is a project which demonstrates new view on culinary theme, and specialize on desserts. We run together TV format and advertising’s quality and professionalism to make real magic from each masterpiece of culinary art by chief, a master of his craft.

The Cocktails

4K 100×3′ Language: English
Mixology is gaining the popularity from day to day. Original bars are opened all over the world, where you can enjoy authorial cocktails. Our program is devoted to these unique drinks. No doubt they will delight you with not only excellent taste but also with an unrivalled appearance. Each episode –is a new cocktail, that you can easily make by yourself.