Back to Corsica

Directed by: Félicia Viti & Philippe Raffalli, Written by: Félicia Viti, Production: Mouvement, France, 8×20’, 2018, Rights: World

A romantic comedy set in Corsica from France Télévisions. Andrea (Océane Court-Mallaroni), a young lesbian girl from Corsica living in Paris, goes back home to her mountain village for the summer, where living one’s sentimental life as a lesbian means looking for trouble. She finds her gang of friends as she has left them: her brother Petru Anto, the archetype of Corsican manhood, her BBF Marie-Luce whirling around men, Flora her second BBF, struggling in her job as a cultural attaché, and Maxime, Marie-Luce’s cousin vainly in quest of fun since his return from London where his dreams of being a musician came to an end. Andrea’s summer is set to be the same as usual until she meets Alice (Charlotte Déniel), a Parisian former old flame, who sucks her into a whirlwind romance.

Speaking to an international audience, Back to Corsica, tells the story of a group of young people, some who have just returned to Corsica, others who have never left, as they face a future with a little prospect. Mocking the identity crisis of a no-future generation seemingly trapped in an aimless life, waiting for the next binge.