Be Wild

Directed by: Andrea Cavaglià, produced by: Andrea Cavaglià, Copyright: Andrea Cavaglià, Italy, 2020, 6×25’, Rights: World.

Andrea Cavaglià is a mountain hunting enthusiast who combines his love for film making and the great outdoors in this innovative hunting series.

In #BEWILD Andrea showcase hunting in some of the most pristine landscapes in Europe with stunning photography and emotive storytelling. Together with his hunting team that consists of the influencer Giulia Taboga his brother and hunting buddy Davide Cavaglià and wildlife photographer Stefano Franceschetti . The original soundtrack is composed by Matteo Tabacco.

They encounter and hunt; mouflon, wild-boar, chamois, Scottish grouse, deer, goose, woodcocks. They visit; Scotland, The Italian Alps, Friulian Dolomites, Slovenia and Piedmont. 


1. GAME ON (27′)
Narrated by Giulia Taboga who is our honest and natural guide in the wilderness. In the hights of the Italian Alps the hunt is for mouflons and chamois. The team seek adventure by testing themselves with extreme experiences. Just them, a tent, the animals and the challenges of the mountains, we see the friends in this ‘reality’ hunting series, suffering the hardship of the natural elements and then the absolute joy and satisfaction of the kill, always in harmony with the awe-inspiring natural landscape, and with utmost respect for the animals, they hunt.

2. ZOE (22′)
Giulia’s deep love for her dog the setter Zoe has no limits. She will take her to her favourite place the Scottish Highlands. The 1.5-year-old Zoe has been trained and is ready for her first trip abroad. From practice on the Italian fields, they travel by car to the Scottish Highlands and roam the beautiful snowy landscape where they hunt woodcocks and grouses.

3. NEVER GIVE UP (27′)
Giuila and her friend Antonio Di Filippo are in the Friulian Dolomites a UNESCO World Heritage Site, a rugged, less well-known side of the Dolomites. Where there is ample opportunity to hunt both deer and chamois. The terrain is very difficult, in addition to having extremely steep paths, the excessively hot climate does not help the hunters, but they do not get intimidated. Starting with the provisions for a night in a hut without light and heating in the middle of Val Mesath.

4. ABOUT ME (26′)
This time the journey goes to Giulia’s secret places, the places where she spent her childhood and where she still likes to hunt today. She explains that a common misconception about hunters is that they always have a rifle in their hands but there is another aspect of hunting which is simply observing the wildlife during the closed season, she loves to just watch and document by photographing the deers and wild boars. She and her friend Marco discovers the Collio on horseback, riding across the border to Slovenia, where she meets up with Massimo Ceccutti who is an expert in hunting wild boar, and his daughter Elena. Giulia’s absolute favourite hunt is wild boar hunting.

5. HIGHLANDS (24′)
“I know of no place in the world that arouses so many emotions, any type of hunting here turns into a kind of dream!” states Giulia. Looking for deer and absolute silence, landscapes and colours in a truly perfect setting of the Scottish Highlands. Paolo Balconi and With the Scottish gamemaster Jock, they are hunting the female deer as the males are in the closed season. Giulia talks honestly about her decision process of not going for the kill as she wants to avoid to just harm an animal, in the end, she does get the kill, and she is so grateful for the whole experience. Giulia feels like she leaves a bit of her heart in the Highlands.

6. ALBERGIAN (27′)
There is nothing more beautiful than sharing certain passions with your closest friends, Giulia returns to with Davide and Andrea for a deer hunt in the middle of winter. The mountain is severe, the blizzard marks the face and freezes the hands, but in the end, it also has much to give us.