Between Earth and Song (Entre la Tierra y el canto)

Director: Ana L’Homme , Producer: Ana L’Homme, Chile, 30′, 2019, Rights: World 

Premiered at EFM in Berlin 2019. A documentary which tells us about Mauricia Saavedra’s world: a poet and singer, rooted in her tradition, but breaking down this tradition all the time.

Sharing the atmosphere of the Chilean land, we start knowing about the pains and sufferings of this singer, who shows in fact what many peasant adolescents are still living: abandonment, sexism, violations, and alcoholism.

She tells us her love story with another woman. This woman helped her to reconcile with her past and to connect with the strength in her roots.

Mauricia Saavedra, from the central region of Chile, sings and tells us her story.

Awards/ Nominations:

AT EFM 2019

Best Documentary at 2019 22nd version of the Malaga Film Festival

Santiago International Film Festival