Directors: Nia Ceidiog, Non Haf Davies, Cliff Jones, Producer: Nia Ceidiog, Writer: Caryl Parry-Jones, Production: Ceidiog, Country: UK, Language: Welsh, 8×18′, 2022, Rights: World 

Bex is an S4C original drama series about mental health for children aged 8 to 12.
It follows a girl who appears to children who need her, such as a boy whose sister has died of cancer, a girl who suffers from severe anxiety and another who lives with OCD and another with PTSD. Every episode is a standalone story about an individual child dealing with mental health challenges.

Throughout the series we travel to many different areas of Wales from Caernarfon to Cardiff, Clwyd to Carmarthen; each episode is unique to its area but universal in its subject matter. When the child in each episode is going through a difficult time, they are visited by Bex – a character whom only that child can see – who gives them hope when things seem dark and advice on how to move forward. The child often goes on to teach and inform the adults around them, so that the whole family can move towards a more positive future. The series promotes the importance of talking about your worries and being open about your mental health.

About the Director

Nia Ceidiog (born 1954) is a Welsh bodybuilder, broadcaster, and producer. She is well known for writing the classic episodes of Fireman Sam from 1987 to 1994. She has also worked as a director on Rivers and Life (2009), and acting in Dim Ond y Gwir (2015) and Night Beat News (1984).

Directors Note

“There are a lot of lessons for adults in all the episodes, because I don’t think us adults always do the best for our children. Sometimes we just don’t allow them to be themselves because we love them too much. So we don’t want to acknowledge that things are not 100% in their world,” said Nia Ceidiog, Bex’s creator.


RICHARD MYLAN (Richard and Jaco)