Bibi’s World (Svetot na Bibi)

Director: Nikola Chikos, Main scriptwriter: Biljana S. Crvenkovska, Writer: Bojan Trifunovski, Art Director: Mihajlo Dimitrievski, Producers: Stojche Gjorgjiev, Zharko Stojanoski, Marjan Aleksovski, Creative Consultant: Goce Cvetanovski. Production Company: Bibi’s world LLC, Language: Macedonian, North Macedonia, Format: HD, Genre: Animation, 2020-2022, 26×8’, Rights: World (Except: North Macedonia, Serbia, Albania, Kosovo)

Bibi’s World is an animated series aimed at 4-6 years old children. Bibi is the know-it-all girl who loves nature and animals. Together with her best friend Bobby and their alien friends Zazzy and Zina, they have inspiring adventures that teach them how to make the world a better place. Every episode is a fun adventure, narrated by Bibi herself, with a moral of the story as seen and explained through the eyes of a child.

In a big city, in a small suburban neighbourhood, nearby an enchanted forest, lives a cheerful little girl named Bibi. She loves to play football with her best friend Bobby, but she loves, even more, to go on magical adventures and meet new friends.
The only thing Bibi can’t stand is injustice and bad behaviour.

In every episode, Bibi and Bobby solve the problems of the animals or other magical creatures of the forest. Sometimes they even go to other planets for intergalactic adventures! Their alien pets Zazzy and Zina come from one such planet, the planet Zaz. Being newcomers to Earth, Zazzy and Zina are like babies: they need to learn how to behave and be polite. The villains who appear most often are the Hunter, the Witch, and the Space Pirates. No matter how hard Bibi tries, these villains just can’t understand that being wicked always ends up bad for themselves, because as we all know very well, the good always prevails!

Each episode starts with Bibi reading a book to the audience from her room. Bibi loves to break the 4th wall, and she always addresses directly her little friends. We will see Bibi talking to us 3 times in each episode:

• when she starts the story, talking about the setting and giving us a hint of what is to follow;
• when the main conflict is set up, between the 2nd and 3rd act, where she comments about what is good or bad in that
particular situation;
• as she wraps up and gives the moral of the story.

In the beginning, we see Bibi and Bobby in their everyday activities, then they meet somebody who has a problem, or they hear about someone who is causing problems. The kids try to find a solution and usually fail the first time, and they can only resolve the situation by putting their forces together and learning new skills.

Achievements and awards

• Selected for best educational animated projects for 2020 in Europe at the “Cartoon 360” festival in Lille, France.
• WINNER  “Golden Ladybug of Popularity” Macedonia
• The most-watched children’s animated series in North Macedonia, broadcasted in primetime on the national service MTV

Selected for “In the World of emotions” – Project supported by UNICEF and British Embassy