Director: Todor Matsanov, Producer: Frattini Production Company: Phoenix Production, Country: Bulgaria, Language: Bulgarian, 2023, 83′/4×30′, Rights: World (except Bulgaria)

BLOCK is a dark romantic dramedy feature that takes place entirely inside a residential building in Sofia during the lockdown. The plot develops through the intersection of multiple stories involving the different inhabitants of the building. Sudden bonds are forged between them, surprising discoveries are made and hidden secrets are revealed. The main protagonists are a young couple, Iva and Viktor, whose dreams and desires intersect with those of the other inhabitants of the building. In the course of the film, we witness the birth of friendships and love, while exploring deep themes such as loneliness, isolation, fear and hope.

The film set entirely in a building follows the intersecting stories of its various characters, showing how hope and salvation
can be found even in the most difficult situations.

About the Creators

Francesco Frattini  Producer and Writer. Is an Italian entrepreneur, his main activity in Sofia has been assisting Italian companies and entrepreneurs to develop their business ideas
between the two countries for over 18 years, through Alias Group, a company of which he is the founder.
Inspired by cinema and passionate about writing, he is also the author of two novels: Over the years, his passion for writing has progressed from short stories and novels to screenplays for films and TV series.

Block is his first feature while other projects in the pipeline are Athos (based on the novel of the same name) and Alya.

Todor Matsanov Director. Is a Bulgarian director, screenwriter and producer. After living and studying in Italy between 1990 and 1995, he completed a theatre directing course at the Silvio D’Amico Academy in Rome and graduated in film and television directing at the National Academy of Film and Theatre. He has directed and written numerous television programmes and worked as first assistant director in Italian and American film productions. Producer and co-director, together with Grigor Leftrov, of the
debut feature film ‘Christo’, supported by the National Film Centre and the BNT, he was the winner of over 14 European and Bulgarian awards.