Brother (Bror)

Director/Creator: Isabella Carbonell, Producer: Alexandra Alegren, Production/Copyright: Alegren Productions, Sweden, Language: Swedish, Short, 14′, 2019, Rights: World

Nico played by Phillip Oros (Fartblinda/Blinded, Beck )and Khalid who is played by Poyan Karimi (A man called Ove) are best friends, always have been. Khalid was born in Iran, a country where having feelings for another man can lead to the death penalty. Nico was born in Sweden, a country where it’s openly accepted for a man to have a boyfriend. And yet it’s Nico who keeps holding back when Khalid tries to take their relationship to another level.


About the Director

Isabella Carbonell is a Director and Screenwriter based in Stockholm, Sweden. After starting out as a runner and production assistant she then moved on to working as a camera assistant and DIT in London and Gothenburg.  After returning to Stockholm she’s taken on several roles within many different film and commercial productions such as; second assistant director, editor’s assistant, production designer, casting director and camera technician. But visual storytelling is her true passion and over the last six years, she’s written/directed five short films and three music videos. Among them is the film Boys that was screened during the Critic’s Week in Cannes and that won the Grand Jury Award for Best Live Action Short at the AFI Film Fest in Los Angeles.

Premiered at Gothenburg International Film Festival 2019


Actors: Phillip Oros & Poyan Karimi

Written and Directed by Isabella Carbonell

Produced by Alexandra Alegren

Director of Photography: Karin Stenwall