Caged (Encerrados)

Director: Benjamín Avila, Production: Habitación 1520, worldwide distributor: Glowstar/Smilehood, Argentina, 13 x 30’, 2018, Rights: World excl. Argentina

Caged (Encerrados) could be described as ‘Black Mirror’  meets ‘The Twilight Zone’. What would you do if you felt trapped? When people are unexpectedly locked in, not knowing whether they will be able to leave or when this will happen, their complex and phobic fears emerge within the depths of themselves, without control or logic. They can be caged in whether physically, psychologically or emotionally. Caged explores, to the limit, the dramatic situation of confinement in spaces such as elevators, basements and caverns or open places like deserts or forests, in single unit episodes which will involve mystery, action, drama, romance or comedy. Like “The Twilight Zone” or “Black Mirror”, each episode is a universe where the situations of confinement and the characters change, as well as the dramaturgical premises, the way in which time passes and the genres. What remains constant along the episodes is how confinement can reveal our own limits in the same way a mirror reflects our own essence.

“Encerrados takes a Hitchcockian look at the mortifying mundanity of routine.”
Jorge Farah, The Bubble