Director and Writer: Pavel Pljuskov, Producer: Pavel Pljuskov, Supported by: Statutory City Hradec Králové, Czech Republic 3×52′, 2018, Rights: World

This is a story about people who have fallen in love with the Brazilian temperament and culture. They have surrendered to the circle and are not afraid to fight. Through the rhythms of traditional Afro-Brazilian music, you will be taken from a martial art through to aspects of modern slavery. The main character is a teenager long consumed by the internet. He is bored, and few things fire him up. He is self-absorbed and unapproachable. When a video about Capoeira catches his eye, a game of questions begins. The traditions of Brazilian capoeira and the hidden secrets within are unveiled through the guidance of four teachers. The video shows the passion of these warriors and the joy and pain of their journeys. Will this teenager give the story a chance? What is the last question that will close the circle? This film is a revelation and a way of breaking our modern chains, stepping out of the shadows and surrendering to what we truly love and what makes us happy.

“Capoeira takes us from our normal lives into another world.”