Director/Writer: Marco Berger, Producers: Marco Berger & Martin Farina, Production: Cinemilagroso, World Sales: Wildstar Sales, Country: Argentina, Language: Spanish, 74′, 2021, Rights: World (except UK, Ireland, USA, Canada and France)

Vilmar and Franco (a.k.a Toro) grew up in the city of Gualeguaychú. Since they were children, every summer they would go together to be part of the traditional carnival of their hometown. This magical celebration transforms men of the community into Dionysiac figures with costumes, glitter and feathers. Friendship, drinking and out-of-control parties are all that matter. Boundaries are blurred in the heat of the sun at the shores of the imposing Paraná River.

Directors statement

Since the first time I visited the Carnivals in the city of Gualeguaychú, I was very interested in making a documentary film about the men who participate in this event. Most of the carnival dancers are straight men who, once a year, allow themselves to put makeup on, wear feathered costumes, and fill their whole bodies with glitter. Some of them cover their bodies up a bit more, and
others decide to be completely exposed to the game of desire. I have always been fascinated by those dancers, and the combination of shyness and uninhibition they express. They undress all together at the same time in small rooms, helping each other put their costumes on, checking each other’s makeup, sharing the mascara, fixing someone’s sequins or jockstraps… Their behaviour was really strange to me, but it certainly attracted me. These traditional scenes are revealed in front of me as a kind of “world of vedettes” but played by young men from the countryside. I met Martín Farina a few years ago when I collaborated on the editing of his first documentary film “Fulboy”. The style of framing and the point of view on the bodies of the football players he used in his film, made me realize he was the perfect partner with whom to do The Carnival. It was together that we could dig into this world and make this documentary where I would try to show the mechanism of desire and exhibitionism of the men who participate in this summer event in the countryside of Argentina.
Marco Berger


Directors Bio

Marco Berger born 1977 in Argentina, is a film director, screenwriter and editor. He studied at the Buenos Aires Film University. He made his directorial debut with the short films “El reloj” / ”The clock” (2008), which competed at Cannes Film Festival and Sundance, and “La última voluntad” / ”The last will” (2009). His first feature film, “Plan B” (2010) was screened at several international film festivals. His film “Ausente”/ “Absent” (2011), won the Teddy Award for Best Film at the Berlin International Film Festival. Then he made “Hawaii” (2013), his first foray into production, “Mariposa” / ”Butterfly” (2015), “Taekwondo” (2016) and “Un Rubio” / ”The blond one” (2019). His latest work “El Cazador” / ”The Young hunter” (2020), premiered at the 49th Rotterdam International Film Festival.