The Cases of Inspector Vrenko (Primeri inspektorja Vrenka)

Directed by: Slobodan Maksimović, Boris Jurjašević, Producer: RTV Slovenia, Slovenia, 1 Season 6×45′, 2021, Rights: World, Except Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Hercegovina, Kosovo, Montenegro, North Macedonia 

A Slovenian police investigation series about chief inspector Martin Vrenko, who faces a number of unusual cases. The series has a cast of compelling characters and a twisty plot. Based on the books by Avgust Demšar.

Inspector Vrenko, at the Maribor police department, encounters criminal cases with dark secrets and passions that fatally interfere with human lives. In addition to the demanding job, the story also traces the private life of Inspector Vrenko. After his mother’s death, he has to take care of his estranged father, and he develops a friendly relationship with the owner of the bar, Mojca, which promises to grow into something bigger.

Dario Varga plays the main role of Inspector Martin Vrenko, and the criminal team also consists of Jurij Drevenšek (Marko Breznik) and Lotos Šparovec (Oskar Brajdič). Katarina Čas plays the owner of the bar and the inspector’s female friend Mojca, Janez Hočevar Rifle plays Vrenko’s elderly and estranged father Boris, and many other Slovenian household names appear alongside them.

The first episode starts in an elite Maribor neighbourhood, a cleaning lady finds the bloodied body of a prominent doctor. Although traces point to a suicide, a handful of illogical details become reason enough for Inspector Vrenko to open an investigation. It turns out that not only is the neighbourhood cold and sterile, also its residents are cold and inaccessible. After the first conversations, Vrenko can’t shake the feeling that all the interlocutors are hiding something while everyone is watching out for everyone.