Chubut, Freedom & Land (Chubut, Libertad y Tierra)

Director: Carlos Echeverría, Producer: Paula Zyngierman, Production: MaravillaCine, Language: Spanish, Country: Argentina, 123′, 2018, Rights: World 

A woman who lives on the Atlantic coast of Chubut, Argentina, takes a trip to the Patagonia mountain range to find the traces left by her grandfather; former doctor in the Cushamen region. In his tour “Nahue” is confirming why his grandfather led a political project in the 1960s that sought to counteract the huge inequalities in the area. The evidence of a continuity of the “desert campaign” that exterminated the original Peoples, will provide a clear historical context to analyze the conflict in Patagonia.


33º Mar del Plata Film Festival and Festival Biarritz Amérique Latine 2019
Nominee Human Rights Competition Uruguay International Film Festival 2019

In collaboration with Punctum Sales