Civil Status: Love is equal for all (Stato Civile: L’Amore è uguale per tutti)

Created and Produced by: Riccardo Brun, Paolo Rossetti, Francesco Siciliano, Production: Panama Film, Country: Italy, Language: Italian, 3 seasons 15x 50′, 2016-17, Rights: World (No Italy)

Civil Status – Love is equal for all

A RAI3 Original reality show. With the law on civil unions, even in Italy same-sex couples can see some of their rights recognized. “Civil status – Love is equal for all,” tells the stories of couples who were able to celebrate their union in order to be recognized as a couple by the state and society.

Civil partnerships have fulfilled that dream of love and happiness that so many couples have been waiting for for a long time.

After winning the Agedo award and the Diversity Media awards as the best television program of the year, “Civil Status” is back with a new season.

The first episode features Milanese lesbian couple Dina and Francesca and Florentine gay couple Marco and Filippo. Francesca is 58, and 78-year-old Dina has been together for more than 40 years. Dina is the hairdresser who made the history of the art world in Milan with her famous Drugstore, a laboratory where stars like Mina and photographers like Helmut Newton came. In 1977 she met Francesca, a 19-year-old who had just left college with a passion for photography. A profound relationship was born immediately between the two, spanning almost half a century and which still unites them in an indestructible bond. Their life was full of joys, but also marred by a tragic event that did not prevent the two women from continuing to love and live for each other.

Filippo and Marco an engineer and a lawyer aged 36 and 38, they have been together for 12 years and have been living together for 5. They both had a slow and gradual path of discovery and acceptance of homosexuality. Not an easy path, especially for Marco, who feared the reactions of the family and especially of his father. Marco told his mother he was gay twelve years ago, but together they decided not to say anything. Marco’s father always thought that Filippo was only the roommate of his son. With great concern, Marco and his mother confessed to him Marco’s homosexuality when they were forced to, just one month after the civil partnership.


Agedo award and the Diversity Media awards