Hagerty Classic Car titles

Production: Hagerty, USA, Language: English, 2021-2022, various durations, Rights: World 

Barn Find Hunter
7 seasons with 119 episodes in total, 10-16x 7-30′
Tom Cotter literally wrote the book on barn finds. Watch Tom travel the country searching for forgotten classics in barns, backyards, and scrapyards.

Redline Rebuild
6 seasons, 167 episodes
Each of these time-lapse videos represents thousands of photos and hundreds of man-hours in an attempt to celebrate the beauty of the internal combustion engine.

Flat out
1 season, 8x 1-2 minutes
Say goodbye to parade laps. This is Flat Out, you’re about to get a taste of your favourite classic cars being pushed to their limit.

Buyer’s Guide:
3 seasons, in total: 29 eps, 7-17 minutes
A reboot of a classic Hagerty series, we bring the most desirable vintage cars to life and give helpful advice and value information to anyone looking to get into them.
Chip Foose Draws a Car:
Seasons 4, episodes in total 24, 8-11 minutes
From his hit TV show “Overhaulin'” to his award-winning hot rods, Chip Foose is known throughout the car world for his unique style and attention to detail.
The Love of Cars:
2 seasons with 8 episodes per season, 50-70 minutes
The Love of Cars is a weekly show featuring Justin Bell and Tommy Kendall from The Torque Show. We talk with some of the most fascinating people in the world and their incredible car experiences.
The Next Big Thing:
2 seasons, in total: 26 episodes x 8-12 minutes
Enter into this six-part series, where Magnus Walker, famed Urban Outlaw, dives into affordable classics, the underappreciated, and discovers the Next Big Thing.
Why I Drive:
4 Seasons, in total: 41 eps,  3-14 episodes per season, 2-6 minutes
Whether it’s hot laps around the local track or a Sunday cruise with the family, your car is the place you make memories. Watch these car stories on the joy of driving.
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