Click me (Klikkaa Mua)

Director: Johanna Vuoksenmaa, Producer:  Riina Hyytiä, Production: Dionysos Films, Language: Finnish, Finland, 2011-2014, S01 12×43’ S02 12×43′, Rights: Remake: Non English only (Except Sweden or Finland). Readymade: Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Island, Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia.

Click Me From the makers of the Netflix drama Deadwind. Ella played by Minttu Mustakallio (All the Sins) a mother of three in her forties, starts online dating. Ella is a TV interior design show host who decides to go online in pursuit of a relationship. Not all of her friends and family are thrilled with her idea. Ella finds a biker who seems likeable and risks a first date. Click Me is a comedy-drama serial about divorced and single people seeking a partner in the world of online dating. The protagonist is 41-year-old Ella who has three kids with two different fathers. Ella is so busy with her job and family that she has no time to meet new people, much less fall in love with them.

As her friends suggest she creates an online dating profile and starts meeting men of the most various types. Click Me leads Ella to crushes, love and disappointments and to wonder about the complicated world of relationships and, on the other hand, the bliss of everyday family life of her friends. Every episode continues the main story arc and tells the story of one man seen in Ella’s life. The following characters are directly linked to the main storyline via Ella: her ex-husbands Kari and Alberto, her children Siiri, Roope and Roosalinda, her co-worker Eero and Kari’s new partner Anna. Also Ella’s mother
Eeva has her own role in the storyline. In addition, the main storyline tells the stories of Ella’s best friends Tiia and Inari.

CLICK ME is a comedy-drama about online dating. The first television series about the online dating phenomenon in Finland. The primary target audience of CLICK ME are women between the ages of 35 – 45.


Winner of four Golden Venlas (Finland’s Emmy)