Code 2

Director: David Chan, Writers: David Chan, Meng-Ho Lan, Hui-Ting Shao, Pei-Yu Lin, Fang-Hsiang Tu, Producer: Fran Hsu, Wenwen Kuo, Beidou Xu, Copyright: United Pictures, Co-producer: Fox Networks Group,  Taiwan, language: Mandarin, 10×43’-51, 2019, Rights: World

The stand-alone second series of CODE starts following the death of Alex, the protagonist of the first season, in an accident, the masterminds behind the evil app CODE gradually emerged. Ren-Jie Liang (Xiu Jie Kai) is a police detective who falls into the trap set by the people behind the app and becomes deeply entangled in its mysteries when his girlfriend dies in an accident. As the protagonists gradually approach the truth, time is running out and CODE’s evil machinations are already underway.

“Finding the truth in broken lies”

Code 2 is a series for the generation grown up with the internet and mobile phones. It articulates the age-old fear of technology taking over and destroying its previous masters.

The director David Chan has previously won several awards among others the Golden Harvest Award for Outstanding short film at the LA film festival for his 2005 short Unreal.
Code 1 has had over 11 million views online.

Xiu Jie Kai
Aviis Zhong
Shanh-Ho Huang
Eleven Yao
Vivi Lee
Yi Ti Yao