Code 1

Director: David Chan, Writer: David Chan, Meng-He Lan, Hui-Ting Shao, Production company and Copyright holder: United Pictures, Taiwan, available as 100′ film or 10×10-18′ series, 2016, Sci-fi, Rights: World.

Alex (Kang Ren Wu) a young stockbroker downloads a mysterious app called “CODE” on his mobile that can give him whatever he wishes. He becomes addicted to the app and it starts to take over his life. Until one day when he is asked to perform an illegal act to achieve his wish, he understands he has unwittingly struck a deal with the devil.

The inspiration to the film the director David Chan says comes from today’s obsession with technology and the internet, as our reliance on it has taken over our lives more and more. The film questions if machines become a powerful dark force in our lives will have the power to manipulate people what will happen, will we no longer be the masters of our lives but in the hands of the technology we have invented.

Code is a series for the generation grown up with the internet and mobile phones. It articulates the age-old fear of technology taking over and destroying its previous masters.

The director David Chan has previously won several awards among others the Golden Harvest Award for Outstanding short film at the LA film festival for his 2005 short Unreal.
Code 1 has had over 11 million views online.

nomination best screen play at Golden Bell awards