Corp + Anam (Body and Soul)

Directed by: Darach Mac ConIomaire, Produced by: Magamedia, Ireland, 2015, 2 Seasons 8×52’ Rights: World

Gritty hit drama series starring Maria Doyle Kennedy (Dexter, The Tudors) + Diarmuid de Faoite (Padraic). Cathal Mac Iarnáin a workaholic reporter with problems he doesn’t want to face up to at home, has taken it upon himself to expose criminals and shed light on human tragedies, trying to keep his own family from harm in the process. Cathal is a not so pretty anti-hero in Gaelic.


Corp + Anam, from the Irish-language channel TG4, is a bare-bones, lurid drama about a ruthless TV reporter ”

its energy is undeniable. If your taste, in this age of easy international sampling, already encompasses British dramas, it’s a short and invigorating step to their Irish cousins.”