An Crisis & An Crisis Eile (The Crisis, Another Crisis)

Directed by: Charlie McCarthy, Produced by: Wildfire Films, Ireland, S1 6×25′ S2 6×25′, 2013, Comedy/Politics, Rights: World except Ireland.

An Crisis
(The Crisis), S0I

The first season is a fun, sharp, satirical comedy where the half-baked Irish-language quango ACT is threatened with cuts due to the financial crisis. Caoimhe the new minister in charge of cutting costs and Setanta the inept director of ACT (The Language Council). Setanta is a mild-mannered man who has always believed in the path of least resistance. A mediator par excellence who has got where he is by keeping his head down.

But now, in the downturn, ACT has come under scrutiny and threat of closure. The appointment of a new minister who went to school with Setanta and always disliked him makes matters worse. Setanta and his team push the various projects they’ve been funding into the spotlight in an effort to justify their existence. The projects range from intense young filmmakers to passionate promoters of the Ulster-Scots language and culture to very unorthodox GAA all stars and volatile sean-nós singers.

And if that was not enough, the temperature gets turned up when Setanta inherits a parrot reputed to be able to recite every word of the famous, but unread, Irish novel “Cré na Cille”

Throughout it all, Setanta struggles manfully to hold it all together helped, and more often hindered, by his staff and the cultural sacred cows they have chosen to fund.

An Crisis Eile
(Another Crisis), S02

The second standalone season is set at the EU headquarters in Brussels. Maeve Kelly Clarke (Bláthnaid Ní Chofaigh) is a self-important and brazzy politician, cut from blue-chip, Irish political stock and she is on her way to represent Ireland in Brussels. It takes a swipe at EU bureaucracy, Irish political dynasties and Ryanair.

“The best comedy on Irish television at the moment”
Pat Stacey, Evening Herald

“Funny (…) hits it targets head on”
Bernice Harrison, Irish Times