Dalia the Dressmaker (Dalia a Modista)

Director: Giselle Llanio, Writers: Noemí Martínez, Eligio R. Montero, Púri Seixido, Ghaleb Jaber Martínez, Production Company: CTV Commissioned by: Television of Galicia, In collaboration with: Onza Entertainment, Spain, 2016-17 Spanish Galician, 4×70′, Rights: Selected

A costume drama miniseries of intrigue and mystery, starring María Mera (Julieta, Matalobos) as Dalia. Set in the 1950s in Galicia where intrigue and love go hand in hand.

It tells the story of Dalia, a young aspiring dressmaker who arrives in Prescedo in Galicia,  to investigate if the sudden death of his mother was a bad move of destiny or someone´s fault. With a sewing machine as her only inheritance and the suspicion that her family hid more than a secret in the past, she establishes herself in the city with the firm conviction to discover the truth. There, she will discover the double life of her late mother and meet a village full of secrets, and she fights to make her dream of becoming a dressmaker come true.

The series was filmed, among other locations, in the pazo de Rubiáns, in Vilagarcía de Arousa, and in the municipalities of Noia and Vedra.


Mestre Mateo awards (Academia Galega do Audiovisual)

Covadonga Berdiñas: Best Supporting Actress

Suso Montero: Best Artistic Direction

María Illobre: Best Makeup and Hairstyling

Ana López: Best Costume Design


María Mera as Dalia
Machi Salgado
Héctor Arteaga
David Seijo
Mercedes Castro

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