Dance Academy: Students at Teatro dell’Opera (SCUOLA DI DANZA – I RAGAZZI DELL’OPERA)

Created and Produced by: Riccardo Brun, Paolo Rossetti, Francesco Siciliano, Written by: Annalisa Mutariello and Claudia Carotenuto, Production: Panama Film, Country: Italy, Language: Italian, 12 x 25′, 2022, Rights: World

A reality docu-series following the life of the students at the prestigious Roman Teatro dell’Opera

Dance Academy is a reality docu-series, in 12 parts, which follows the students of the School of the Teatro dell’Opera in Rome, one of the most prestigious institutions of higher artistic education in Italy.

The series follows the life of the students between 16 -20 years old, both within the school and in private life, over a period of time that goes from the beginning of the school year to the final performance. The aim of the series is to involve the public in the events of these young people who dream of success and at the same time are grappling with the dramas and ardour of adolescence.

In a period of time that goes from the beginning of the school year to the mid-course show that the children bring to the stage at the National Theater, the academic and private events of the students follow one another.

The students, between the ages of 15 and 20, share the great dream of becoming professional dancers, but they are also very different in origin, personality and lifestyle. Under the guidance of the director Laura Comi, flanked by the masters Ofelia and Pablo, they prepare to enter the world of dance, made up of rigour, rules, sacrifices, joys and satisfactions. Outside of school, however, they are teenagers eager to live their age to the full, they have fun, fall in love, make friends, cultivate their interests: they dance their lives every day.