Dawn of War (O2)

Director: Margus Paju, Scriptwriters: Tom Abrams, Tiit Aleksejev, Eriikka Etholén-Paju and Olle Mirme, Producers: Esko Rips, Kristian Taska © 2020 NAFTA FILMS, TASKA FILM, SOLAR FILMS, FILM ANGELS PRODUCTIONS, INSCRIPT, Supported by the Estonian Film Institute.  Language: Estonian, Finnish, Russian, German and French., 2020, 100′, Rights: Scandinavia

A historical spy-thriller set in 1939 about an Estonian intelligence agent tasked with uncovering the Soviet double agent in their ranks.

Dawn of War is a 2020 Estonian historical spy thriller film.A historical spy thriller about an Estonian intelligence officer Feliks Kangur played by Priit Võigemast (The Bank, Names Engraved in Marble), who has to track down a mysterious Soviet double agent on the eve of WWII, August 23, 1939 when Estonia is losing its independence.

The Soviet Union and Hitler’s Germany, bitter enemies so far, shock the world by signing a non-aggression pact which will have devastating effects on Estonia. Europe fears an imminent war. At that very moment, an Estonian agent is murdered and a Soviet source claims that there’s a mole in their ranks. The spy Feliks stationed in Helsinki, will be assigned to catch the traitor. At the same time, global political and military events start to unfold at a dizzying speed and Feliks finds out that the Red Army has kicked off a secret operation to annex Estonia. But Feliks clandestine love affair doesn’t make the situation any easier, his love is Maria (Amanda Hermiine Künnapas), a young Polish art historian. Feliks has to figure out if there is anything left for him to save…

The film’s title derives from an abbreviation of Army Headquarters II department, which was Estonia’s military intelligence unit at the time. The movie is based on real-life events taking place in 1939, when Estonia was about to lose its independence.

The cast includes Finnish actor Sampo Sarkala (Bordertown, Jägarna ), Amanda Hermiine Künnapas (The Servant Girl),  along with Latvian actor Kaspars Znotinš (Firstborn), as well as several well-known Estonian actors including Elmo Nüganen, Rein Oja(Hamilton, Deadwind) and Tambet Tuisk.

The film was released in cinemas in Estonia in October 2020