Double Life (Double Vie)

Director: Bruno Deville, Script, Adaptation and Dialogue: Marie Fourquet & Léo Maillard, co-production: RTS, CAB Productions, Copyright holder: Film and Pictures, Switzerland, 6×52′, 2018, Rights: Italy, UK, Sweden, Bulgaria.

You thought you knew the one you love …

Two women, Laurence (Marina Golovine) and Nina (Anna Pieri) are both living in what they believe is happy exclusive relationships with the same man; Marc (Bruno Todeschini) a respected architect. However, when he dies suddenly in a construction site accident, they make the shocking discovery that he has led a double life. All this time, he has lived alternately with the mother of his two children and his “official” wife Nina. From then on, the two ‘widows’ will have to find the resources necessary for a new start in their respective lives

When Laurence- his partner of twenty years – and Nina – his dreaming young pregnant wife – find out that they weren’t the only woman in his life their mourning is suddenly transformed into rage. Laurence decides to confront Nina who nobody had heard of. Except for Robin (Thibaut Evrard), Marc’s globetrotting brother who arrived back from Japan for the funeral.

The series is a remake of Belgian Dubbelleven and has been adapted by Marie Fourquet and Léo Maillard.

The Creators

“Behind the nostalgic beauty of Lavaux, upset lives. Behind the smiles, suffering women. The certainty that emerges from this adaptation of the Flemish format Dubbleleven is that there is no need for a revolutionary concept to make a good story.
Double life above all testifies to the fragility of our lives and its tone, both sad and amusing, serious and frantic pose universal questions on mourning, the complexity of desire, the fragility of love, fear of ageing, motherhood, adultery, lying, not being listened to, the need to let go. “

Marie Fourquet & Léo Maillard