Extreme Wines (Vini Estremi)

Creators: Giovanni Bruno and Elisabetta Angelillo, Production: Video Eikon and Koda Media, Country: Italy, Language: Italian, 6×30′, 2023, Rights: World

Embark on a captivating journey through Italy’s rich wine culture, steeped in millennia-old traditions. From rolling hills to untamed landscapes, witness the resilient spirit of farmers who, against the odds, revive vine cultivation in abandoned and challenging terrains. This isn’t just winemaking; it’s a tale of coexistence and resistance. In each episode, meet pioneering winemakers who blend tradition with innovation, creating what can only be described as “extreme wines.” From personal histories to production challenges, these stories unfold from the vineyard to a delightful tasting experience, paired with a local recipe that completes the narrative of these exceptional wines. Discover the history of man and his land in every uncorked bottle.