At the end of the World (Fin Ar Bed) S01-S02

Director: Nicolas Leborgne, Producers: Anne-Edith Cuillandre and Fred Prémel, Production Companies: Lyo Production and Tita Productions, coproducers: France 3 Bretagne, TVR, Tébésud, Tébéo, Brezhoweb, France, S01 7×10’/60′ film, 2017, S02 10×10’/2×45′ 2021,  Rights: World except France

At the End of the World (Fin Ar Bed) is the first Breton language drama series and a huge success in France.

Season 01
Directors: Nicolas Leborgne, Writers: Nicolas Leborgne, Guillaume Grosse , Denis Rollier and Leonardo Valenti, Cast: Nolwenn Korbell, Kaou Langoët and Roger Stéphan

The lives of three strangers Marie (Nolwenn Korbell) Klet (Kaou Langoët) and Fañch (Roger Stéphan), intersect and intertwine on the remote roads of Brittany, and sets them on a breathtaking road trip on the run from ghosts of their past and present, at the end of the world.
Three people meet by chance, three generations, over three days, they could be a grandfather, mother, and grandson,
their story is universally recognizable.
Marie, a career woman with marital problems, Klet a young man on the run, chased by his half-brother, they are thrust together with Fañch, an elderly widow, who communicates with the dead as well as the living.

Season 02
Director: Nicolas Leborgne, Writers: Nicolas Leborgne, Christophe Lemoine and Clément Peny, Cast: Nolwenn Korbell , Blaithin Allain, Kaou Langouet, Justine Morvan

The FIN AR BED series is back. After a road trip through Brittany in the 1st season, the second season of Fin ar bed returns with a powerful script, at the crossroads of thriller and drama.

Exploring Brest and its countryside. A race against time that changes the fate of the characters. Plunged into a gloomy, angsty atmosphere, the series features multiple acts of revenge and shattered lives and leads viewers to question blood ties.

After losing her job, Marie (Nolwenn Korbell) lives alone, stuck in a boring routine. She is contacted by Anne (Blaithin Allain), the mother of her best friend Klet. Who had in the past led Marie on a dangerous adventure. She learns that he is on the run and in mortal danger. The two women then set out to find him. But Mary will quickly surrender and realize that the danger does not come from where she would have imagined.

The first season of this series produced in 2017 by Nicolas Leborgne, initiated by the regional channels, had great success beyond the borders of Brittany, it was watched by around 150,000 viewers on France 3 Bretagne and made 400,000 “views” on social networks. Sold internationally and selected for the Festival des Créations Télévisuelles de Luchon (2018.

With At the end of the World the director Nicolas Le Borgne says he wanted to mix the genres up, it is foremost a thriller with Klet who is involved with the mafia, there are also some comedic parts, and Fañch brings an element of the supernatural, while Marie who is a real working-girl anchor the story in real life. Fin ar bed is shot in the stunning wide-open countryside of Nord-Finistère with its immense stretch of white sand beaches.