The Game of Solar Eclipse

Director: Zhang Zhisheng (張智昇), Executive Producer: Huang Zhixiang(黃志翔) Copyright: Formosa TV Co, Country: Taiwan, Language: Chinese, 2021, 3×90′, Rights: World

A thrilling drama set in the higher echelons of society, with a female POW, revealing a web of intrigue and betrayal at the heart of a posh and stylish corporate environment, all escalates on the day of the solar eclipse.

In just fifty days, a rare and momentous event will grace the skies—a total solar eclipse, an extraordinary spectacle that unfolds once in a generation. However, for some, this celestial phenomenon carries an eerie sense of foreboding, as though the world itself stands on the precipice of an impending cataclysm.

Amidst the anticipation of this cosmic phenomenon, we are introduced to Linzhi Qi, an independent woman who, out of selflessness, has to put her own career aspirations on hold to support her husband, Liu Jiansheng, when he is offered a  promotion. This decision leads her back to her family, where she must confront a myriad of challenges—dealing with a rebellious daughter Keyun, a troublesome son Kexuan, and an incompatible mother-in-law. Linzhi’s world is anything but serene.

However, as fate would have it, Linzhi is reluctantly drawn into the orbit of the group of affluent wives to her husband’s colleagues who exist in a seemingly parallel universe. Though initially resistant to their world of opulence and extravagance, she soon discovers that these women possess the power to unravel the complexities of her own familial dilemmas. Against all odds, the guidance and support of this unexpected circle of wealthy ladies motivate Linzhi to shed her own identity and strive to integrate herself within their ranks. Gradually, she transforms into a capable and esteemed “financial manager’s wife,” earning her place in their social circle.

Simultaneously, Jiansheng, having achieved the coveted position of CFO, becomes consumed by the relentless pursuit of success in a polarised society with its social hierarchies. He endures blisters from countless rounds of golf while accompanying his superiors and tirelessly uncovers financial loopholes left by his predecessor. Yet, despite his unwavering dedication, Jiansheng is met with unrelenting criticism from those above him. The sacrifices made for the sake of his shared home with Zhiji gradually erode his sense of self and start to put a strain on their relationship.

Initially, Zhiji and Jiansheng believed that their ascent to the upper echelons of society would bestow a better life upon their family. However, their aspirations are met with a bewildering series of strange and unsettling phenomena. Their daughter, Keyun, becomes increasingly entangled in materialistic pursuits, and the son has to prove his sporting ability despite suffering from a rare condition putting his life in danger.

The seemingly warm and powerful wealthy ladies’ group is rife with deception, betrayal, and collusion, in a race to get to the top. Zhiji and Jiansheng finally realized that they had both been manipulated. Jiansheng’s promotion was not based on his professional abilities but rather to make him a scapegoat for financial embezzlement. Zhiji, on the other hand, became a target of desire for a high-ranking member of a banking group and feels forced to sell his body and soul to forge connections in the business world, they both became sacrificial pawns in this game of power, and their harmonious family was on the verge of collapse.

Facing repeated oppression from the powerful, Zhiji and Jiansheng reached their breaking point and decided to make a final stand. However, they were already deeply entangled in the web of deceit. Zhiji discovered that her husband, under immense psychological pressure, succumbed to temptation and had an affair. In light of this revelation, can she still trust him? On the day of the total solar eclipse, with no other choice for herself and her family, Zhiji had to rely on her strong maternal instinct to carve a path towards the light from the darkness that surrounded them.