The Game of Solar Eclipse

Director: Zhang Zhisheng (張智昇), Executive Producer: Huang Zhixiang(黃志翔) Copyright: Formosa TV Co, Country: Taiwan, Language: Chinese, 2021, 3×90′, Rights: World

A thrilling drama set in the higher echelons of society, with a female POW, revealing a web of intrigue and betrayal at the heart of a posh and stylish corporate environment, all escalates on the day of the solar eclipse.

In just fifty days, a rare total solar eclipse will grace the skies, a spectacle that both mesmerizes and unsettles. Linzhi Qi finds herself at a crossroads, sacrificing her own career aspirations to support her husband, Liu Jiansheng, as he ascends the corporate ladder. This decision leads her back to her family, where she confronts a myriad of challenges – from dealing with a rebellious daughter, Keyun, to managing a troublesome son, Kexuan, and navigating the complexities of her relationship with her mother-in-law.

Amidst these domestic struggles, Linzhi is unexpectedly drawn into the orbit of affluent wives who orbit her husband’s colleagues, leading her into a world of opulence and extravagance. Initially resistant, she gradually adapts, transforming into a capable and esteemed “financial manager’s wife,” earning her place in their social circle. However, this newfound status comes with its own set of pressures and strains on her marriage.

Meanwhile, Jiansheng, now occupying the coveted position of CFO, finds himself consumed by the relentless pursuit of success in a society marked by social hierarchies and cutthroat competition. Enduring blisters from countless rounds of golf with superiors and tirelessly uncovering financial loopholes, he soon realizes that his promotion may not have been solely based on merit. Despite his dedication, he faces unrelenting criticism from those above him, leading to a gradual erosion of his sense of self and straining his relationship with Zhiji, his wife.

Their aspirations for a better life for their family crumble in the face of unexpected challenges. Their children succumb to materialistic pursuits, and they themselves become pawns in a game of power and deception. Jiansheng’s promotion, it turns out, was orchestrated to make him a scapegoat for financial embezzlement, while Zhiji finds herself the object of desire for a high-ranking member of a banking group, forcing her to compromise her integrity in the pursuit of connections in the business world. As their harmonious family teeters on the brink of collapse, they come to realize the true cost of their ambitions.