Italy Sicily Gela (Italia Sicilia Gela)

Director: Iacopo Patierno, Producer: Ilenia Amoruso, Production: Jacopo FO Gruppo Atlantide Funded by: Eni & the patronage of the Municipality of Gela, 21×8-10′ (total 189′), Italy, 2019/2020/2021, Rights: World 

Gela The Roots Of the Future

The series Italy Sicily Gela explores Gela, one of the most contradictory cities in Italy, through the voice of as many protagonists who give an unusual insight into the perception that it commonly has, revealing along with its problems the extraordinary beauty and potential that it contains. A story that speaks of a city in particular, Gela, but symbolically represents Sicily as a whole and all of Italy, torn between difficulties and enormous opportunities.
Hence the name of the web series: Italy Sicily Gela.

In the first season, we began to get to know the wonders of Gela, an area rich in history and with enormous tourist potential. In addition to all this in Gela, you eat very well!

The second season of episodes of the Italy Sicily Gela series is dedicated to food, to the gastronomic traditions of Gela, to food excellences and to those who produce them.


Synopsis per episode

S01E01: “Don Lino”

The first episode tells the story of Don Pasquale (Lino) Di Dio, rector of the Church of Sant’Agostino di Gela, beloved in the city, a real institution. Thanks to his work in Gela, the Casa della Misericordia was born, a place of shelter for the poor that today assists and listens to hundreds of people. “I Gela see her as an aged mother, with so many wrinkles that we children have produced …”

S01E02: “Elisa”
Let’s start discovering the city of GelaGela: sea, sun and the warmth of the people. Let’s dive into Panama Beach in Gela, a bathing establishment founded by Elisa, the second protagonist of our Italia Sicilia Gela web series. “We were brave … but we did it! We invented work, we created it, because we exploited the potential that the territory has given us “.

S01E03: “Sandra”
Set sail, let’s Kitesurf in Gela. We meet Sandra La Terra, an entrepreneur with a great passion: kitesurfing … in Gela of course. Golfo di Gela, an event that brings sports from all over the world to cities.

S01E04: “Silvia”
I love Gela in all its facets… Fourth appointment with the Italia Sicilia Gela web series. Silvia Scuderi takes us to scuba diving in the Manfria area, perhaps to discover new archaeological finds.

S01E5: “Giuseppe”
Archaeologist, he tells us a little about the story of Gela It seems that everyone in Gela knows him: he is Giuseppe La Spina, an archaeologist with a great passion for his territory, Gela, an immense archaeological heritage. Giuseppe is also the discoverer of the Calendar Stone, which has now become an object of study.

S01E06: “Francesco”
Pastime musician, professional advertising graphic designer Francesco D’Aleo takes us to the darkest years for the city of Gela, when shootings and deaths were, sadly, the order of the day.

S01E7: “Dalila, Tiberio e Viola”
Last appointment with the web series of the Gela project Le Radici del Futuro. We meet Dalila, Tiberio and little Viola, owners and managers of the Creperia, a very popular place in the Macchitella district. Macchitella was born with the opening of the Gela Petrochemical plant, to house the workers of the plant. Tiberius was born here, there were many rules to respect …

Giusy and the Supper of San Giuseppe Welcome back to Gela! In this season we discover this territory through its gastronomic traditions and food excellence. It starts with Giusy Caci who tells us about the traditional Dinner of San Giuseppe, where food is offered to the needy. “I wish Gela were a dish that everyone wants to taste”.

Cristian and the violet artichoke by Gela Cristian Capizzello is an agronomist from Gela and grows artichokes and cereals in the family business. He does not use intermediaries, he only sells retail and has learned the relationship with the land from the teachings of his grandfather. In this episode, Cristian guides us on a journey into the world of Gelese agriculture. In a supermarket, he found dried broad beans from Australia: “What are beans missing in Sicily?!?”

Michael and Gela’s bread We enter Michael Cassarino’s bakery and discover the art of making bread,  another of the specialities of Gela. “Since I was a little brat as a child, my dad sent me to work at our trusted baker and so I became passionate about this job”. But why is Gela bread so good?

Pisanos and sheep’s milk ricotta Emanuele and Giuseppe Pisano are father and son and together they run a small farm that produces sheep’s milk ricotta. “The first thing I ate as a child was ricotta … I always liked it so much!”

Graziano and the Arancino In the dish of the Gelesi people, the arancino must never be missing I usually always speak with arancini and tell them : “You are more beautiful than what will come later”, so they don’t get jealous. Welcome to Graziano Di Dio’s rotisserie!


Nuccia and Gela’s desserts Maybe my desserts are good because first of all, I like them Have you left space for desserts? Let’s enter the Nuccia Di Liberto pastry shop, an all-female pastry shop! “At the beginning I was told that this sort of business could not be managed by a woman but I have shown, that women are capable and to do it well.”


Damiano and the Rossini restaurant Last episode: we go to the Rossini restaurant “If if I weren’t a restaurateur I’d like to be … a barman. ” Welcome to Damiano Rossini’s restaurant. Over 200 wine labels and sushi that is waiting to be discovered. Just as the relationship with the sea is to be discovered…


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