Give Me Back The Night (Devuélveme la noche)

Director: Miguel Gallego, Writer: Jesus Giovanetti, Executive Producer: Juan Guillermo Robayo and Alejandra Orjuela, Production: Casa del Arbol Country: Colombia, Language: Spanish, 6×30′, 2022, Rights: US, Asia, Europe, excluding Spain

Leonardo knows how to do everything, without focusing on anything he is creative; sews, and illustrates. He has a day job in a supermarket to survive in the midst of the Covid pandemic. Leonardo gets involved with Felix, an astrophotography fan, who has just run away from his house because his mother does not accept that he is gay. Leonardo at the same time discovers that his mother estranged since his childhood who he thought was dead, wants to meet him. In the streets of Chapinero, both explore desire and freedom, until each one faces what really keeps them awake at night: The need to reconcile with the past to repair their fractured family ties and thus be able to grow.