Hidden Theories (Teorias da Conspiração)

Directed by: Manuel Pureza, Exec. Producer: Maria São José, Production Company: Stopline Co-producer: B. Creative Media, Portugal, 2019, 18×45’, Rights: World excl. Portugal

A crime series commissioned by  RTP1.  An influential lawyer operates in the dark to cover up what an investigative Journalist unearths. Maria Amado (Carla Maciel) is an investigative journalist at the peak of her career when a series of political and financial scandals drive her to question her beliefs. An influential lawyer, who’s on to her every move from a distance, operates in the dark to mislead what she unearths. Pedro Soares Teixeira moves about the offices of power as freely as he moves through the criminal underworld. The series follows the story of Maria Amado, a research journalist, and of José Madeira (Rúben Gomes) a Police inspector, a couple on a personal level, and professional partners, despite being constantly barred in their investigations by the people who are hierarchically above. On the opposite side of society is Pedro Soares Teixeira, an influential lawyer with the capacity to stifle investigations. The scandal involves the elite levels of the country even the Prime Minister seems to be involved in the corruption and a bank going bankrupt.


Nominated for Portuguese Film Academy Sophia Awards 2020